A revolution in soil testing is coming
to the Hungarian market

Farmers want to optimize their yields. That’s why they need to know more information about their soil. This process used to be complex, expensive and slow.

An innovative Ag-Tech service

This all ends now! You can now provide soil testing services for farmers affordably, quickly and effortlessly with a new revolutionary Ag-Tech service for precision soil testing & monitoring.

Testing & monitoring soil
has never been this easy!

With the AgroCares Scanner Packages, you can test & monitor soil more frequently. This allows better nutrient application at the right time and location resulting in healthy crop development and ultimately higher yields.

Handheld, easy-to-use and quick

Our device and applications are easy-to-use on your smartphone and based on a cutting edge big data solution. For an annual fee you will get free access to our database for an unlimited amount of scans. You will receive information about the soil status on your mobile phone within 10 minutes.

What is our solution?

Choose the app that fits your business best. The following applications are already available:

  • Lime – information about organic matter, PH, clay type, GPS-location and local lime recommendations.
  • NPK – information about organic matter, N,P, K, ph, GPS-location, CEC and soil temperature.
  • NPK & Fertilizer recommendation – NPK standard including a soil correction plan for specific crops.
  • White label – Request your own personalised app with a customized list of crops, fertilizers and choose your own design.

How does it work?

Scan the soil at the field of your client, upload the data on your smartphone to the database, receive your soil report & recommendations within 10 minutes. Give your client advise on how to optimize his yield!


Take 5 scans of your sample


Upload data on your phone


Send it to database


receive a soil report & recommendations

Why buy this Soil Scanner?

Want to order a Scanner Package NOW?

What is included in the Scanner Package:

  • Soil Scanner (retail price €3000)
  • One year unlimited soil scanning (retail price €1700)
  • Lime app
  • NPK app
  • A durable case

1 year guarantee & free shipping

YES, I want to buy a Scanner!

Based on the latest technology

Use the precision agriculture tools of the future NOW!

Real time

Real time soil monitoring

Fast results

Get your soil test results in 10 minutes


Applicable in all stages of crop development.


Unlimited soil scanning

Easy to use

The app guides you through the process

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NPK basic app

For Hungary we have developed an NPK Basic App which enables you to determine the soil fertility status for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), as well as specific soil properties regarding soil acidity, temperature, and the organic carbon content.

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